Green velvet, royal blue, fuchsia pink and, of course, red. Here, all the colours of the world flourish. 

Here, spring is reborn; mine, yours, his and hers and theirs….  A romantic room where life and writing makes sense. The renaissance window throws a soft light over the bathroom where stands a 19th century bathtub. 

Born in April 1807 of France-Peruvian origin, Flora Tristan was the daughter of a Spanish nobleman and a dancer. Flora is considered an early feminist and militant writer. Her first publication highlighted the necessity to include and to welcome foreign women in society; it also affirmed the need to educate women and to see them unite together. Flora’s husband supported neither her intelligence nor her activities and she was forced to flee with her children, one of which, Alice her daughter, became the mother of Gauguin.  

From being a rejected woman, a beaten mother, an exploited worker to a courageous single mother, Flora she seemed to have lived through and covered all aspects of female hardships of the time. What’s more, she fought all her life for the right of divorce to be granted to women. 


  • 2ème Étage
  • Chambre = 22m²
  • Lit = 140
  • Salle de bain
  • Baignoire “Pieds de Lion”
  • Petit déjeuner
  • Accès Piscine


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