Enter! A large four-poster bed, and oriental fireplace, a renaissance window from which burst forth rays of light, and unobstructed view of the village of Pech Luna, the courtyard coloured like a delightful wooden desk. Life here is sweet and quiet, lush and creative. 

Louise Michel was born in 1889 and was the daughter of a servant and a lord. She career became that of a teacher. This enabled her to teach with passion all the while writing poems addressed to Victor Hugo from which he responded with admiration. 

In 1871, Louise played an actif role in the Paris Commune. As an anti-militant, she vocalised her options against the death penalty. A pioneer of Feminism, she wrote “ The question of women is now inseparable from the question of humanity. I never realised that there was a sex that sought to shrink their intelligence.”


  • 1er Étage
  • Chambre = 30m²
  • Lit baldaquin 160
  • Salle de bain / douche
  • Petit déjeuner
  • Accès piscine


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