Okuni likes the light, the sweetness of life, elegance and sensuality and Japan. A Japan, French in style, adorned with a zesty, Japanese refinement. In the wardrobe a surprise awaits… an authentic Kabuki Kimono allows you to walk in the footsteps of Okuni. 

The window opens out on the distance horizon where one can see the small village of Pech Luna surrounded by its gentle hills. One mustn’t forget the bathroom situated in the adjacent watchtower of the Chateau… without a doubt, a very cool feature!

Okuni was born in the 15th century. She was the daughter of a blacksmith and dancing priestess of the Izumi shine. The shrine is distinguished by an innovative, allusive and frankly erotic style as is Okuni’s interpretation of Nembutso Odori, which originated from a religious dance that honoured Buddha. It was perfumed in a sensual manner, embodying a young man who prays to Buddha at the end of a loving relationship. Okuni saw great success and gave rise to many imitators. She is the founder of the Kabuki theatre. We attribute to Okuni  the principle of Hanamichi (path of flowers) a walkway through which the audience parade towards the stage. This enabled actors spectacular stage entries. This system was and still is incorporated in the much Japanese drama.


  • 2ème Étage
  • Chambre = 24m²
  • Lit 140
  • Salle de douche
  • Douche
  • Petit déjeuner
  • Accès Piscine


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