Sshhh… don’t trust the softness of the hues and the apparent calm of the former chateau library… humour, difference and subtle insolence are present. The Punu statue watches over the false ancestral paintings, the chest of drawers plays with zebras, the two armchairs in the salon are already chattering away and the fine-legged writing desk inspires confidence.

Olympe of Gouges, the daughter of a butcher and an adulterous, noble Montauban, went to Paris to perform in women’s theatre companies. She could read… what luck! She introduces herself into Republican circles. She proposed to broaden human rights to include the human rights of the woman and the child, demanded the right for women to vote and rallied for the abolition of slavery in the newly created National Assembly.

What insolence!

Another of those wonderful women forgotten by official history books…


  • 1er Étage
  • Chambre = 45²
  • Lit baldaquin – 160
  • Salon
  • Salle de bain / douche
  • Petit déjeuner
  • Accès Piscine


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